Race Council Cymru and Tŷ Pawb are pleased to announce the beginning of a new partnership to deliver an exciting pilot programme for the North Wales Multicultural Hub in Wrexham.

The Multicultural Hub will support Tŷ Pawb’s Useful Art Space to host a range of activity led by Wrexham’s diverse communities; these will be directed by participants, and will include arts and crafts, music and dance, culinary exchanges, cultural celebrations and other exciting activities.

The project is supported in part by funding from Arts Council of Wales.

Community groups will receive support from Race Council Cymru representative Iolanda Banu Viegas, who is a long-time champion of the Portuguese diaspora in Wrexham, and has a wealth of experience across both local grassroots and national projects, including Black History Wales.

The objectives of the project are to create a welcoming, inclusive space for people of all backgrounds, to celebrate the diversity of cultures in Wrexham and to empower people from minority and marginalised backgrounds to participate in creative, cultural and community experiences of their choosing.

The Multicultural Hub builds on successful work currently delivered by Race Council Cymru in partnership with Swansea Council to run The Grand Multicultural Hub based at Swansea Grand Theatre.

Professor Uzo Iwobi, OBE Race Council Cymru Chief Executive said: “Race Council Cymru is delighted to work with Tŷ Pawb to grow a North East Wales grassroots led Multicultural Hub which will mirror the Grand Multicultural Hub in Swansea, providing an exciting and community centred space for new contemporary and creative artistic programmes to thrive and grow. Showcasing the diversity, creative and cultural co-production which will enable Wrexham’s Tŷ Pawb to develop as a community space for all and add vibrancy to Wrexham.”

The project will also extend Tŷ Pawb’s ongoing work with asylum seekers and refugees (Make Yourself At Home) and engagement with Portuguese elders through Bom Dia Cymru.

Cllr Hugh Jones, Lead Member for Partnerships and Community Safety, said: “As ‘Everybody’s House’ being a welcoming space where all of Wrexham’s diverse communities can feel at home central to our mission at Tŷ Pawb. We are thrilled to be working with Race Council Cymru to develop The Multicultural Hub for the benefit of Wrexham and the region. We look forward to the seeing the activities and events that users of the space will generate.”

For more information about The Multicultural Hub, please contact: iolanda@racecouncilcymru.org.uk

Image credit: Tim Rooney Photography