Siop//Shop forms one third of OW’s programme structure and is itself a vehicle for programme delivery.


It is a platform for community led design projects. Our aim is to introduce to a wider audience the world of art, design and commerce primarily through our Designer Maker Project. 

Siop//Shop forms part of the OW engagement programme and will  operate as a unique living research model into the coexistance of arts and markets within one broad cultural offer.

We see ourselves as part of the community of traders within the Peoples Market creating a vibrant  educational resource which harnesses the exciting and diverse opportunities that arise from this.

Siop//Shop sources and encourages Welsh makers providing a platform for emerging and established artists.

Printmaker in Focus is our rolling showcase of local, regional and international printmakers. This has included Anita Klein, Jonny Hannah, John Abel, Alice Patullo and Angie Lewin amongst others.

Siop//Shop houses a curated selection of products from across Wales, the UK, and beyond; including Keith Brymer Jones, Buddug, Nkuku etc. We hold a contemporary selection of magazines and an eclectic mix of books as opportunity to take a little of the cultural experience away with you.


Events at the Shop