Wal Pawb 2020 Commission


Tŷ Pawb is seeking proposals for the third edition of its annual Wal Pawb billboard commission.

£10,000 budget for artist to produce six large scale billboard artworks plus an accompanying gallery exhibition.



Tŷ Pawb is a cultural community resource, bringing together arts and markets within the same footprint. This coexistence celebrates the significance of markets within Wrexham’s cultural heritage and identity.

The development is a space for dialogue around subjects including social and civic issues, the environment, health, cultural identity, sustainability and education.

Wal Pawb represents a bold statement about this coexistence, and the commissioned artist will need to reflect the building’s multiple uses and users, and the relationships between them, in their final work.

The two billboards that comprise Wal Pawb are a key feature of Featherstone Young Architects’ vision for Tŷ Pawb and occupy a central position within the building. They overlook a food hall and multi-use market square, sitting on the external facade of the galleries.

In 2017, Katie Cuddon was commissioned as the first Wal Pawb artist. Katie’s work was unveiled on 29th March 2018 as part of the opening of TŷPawb. Katie’s artwork occupied the billboards for a year before being succeeded by face - ade, a multifaceted intervention for Tŷ Pawb by Kevin Hunt. Kevin’s artwork was unveiled on 22nd April 2019 and will occupy the billboards and building until Spring 2020.

The Commission

To be installed in Spring 2020, the Wal Pawb (English translation:Everybody’s Wall) commission will provide an interior focal point for all visitors to Tŷ Pawb.

Consisting of two tri-vision, motorised billboards on adjoining walls inside TŷPawb. Each billboard is made up of multiple three-sided prisms which rotate 120 degrees to show three different images in a sequence. The dimensions of each billboard are: 9110 x 3250mm and 3174 x 3250mm

Due to the nature and purpose of Wal Pawb, it is a fundamental requirement that the commissioned artwork is developed in dialogue with Tŷ Pawb’s tenants,visitors and varied user base; particularly important within this ecology are our market and food court traders. As such there is an expectation that proposals include a minimum of ten days engagement time on-site in Wrexham to carry out meaningful consultation, development, engagement and/or workshops. Initial contact with tenants and visitors will be facilitated by Tŷ Pawb staff acting as mediators.

The budget of £10,000 is inclusive and must cover all artistic fees, travel, accommodation and engagement costs. However, the finalised artwork for the tri-vision billboards, once approved by Tŷ Pawb, will be supplied digitally and applied to the tri-vision system by a third party.

The budget will also  cover the cost of an exhibition that will occupy the main gallery space at Tŷ Pawb from 9th May to 21st June 2020. More information about the exhibition can be found in the next section.

The final artwork is printed by an external partner on white adhesive vinyl and applied to the billboards in large sheets which are then cut by hand. The cost of printing and application is exclusive to £10k budget and does not need to be considered by the artist.

A film and other relative interpretation materials will be made about the commission to act as both promotional material and interpretation to sit alongside the billboards. The cost of this interpretation is also exclusive to the £10k budget.

This opportunity is open to artists and creative individuals or collectives working in various fields, based in the United Kingdom. Whilst possession of a degree in a creative field is not a requirement, it is desirable that the applicant is able to demonstrate a track record of creative activity. Proposals will be accepted from outside of the United Kingdom but applicants must be aware that any additional funding required for international travel would need to be secured by the individual. Any funding applications made to supplement the fee on offer would be fully supported by Tŷ Pawb.


The Exhibition


The third edition of Wal Pawb will see a significant change in the commission’s structure as we introduce an accompanying exhibition within our galleries to coincide with the launch of the commission. It is envisaged that the exhibition will provide a deeper degree of interpretation relating to the process of developing the final artwork. This exhibition could take the form of documentary display, a solo presentation of complementary and preparatory works made by the commissioned artist, or a curated exhibition that displays artefacts or works by other artists. We would encourage an element of the exhibition to be co-produced with those who have actively engaged in the project and would encourage the artist to think innovatively about the prospect of how the commission and subsequent exhibition will work together within a multi-use art centre like Tŷ Pawb.

The selected artist will work closely, over an eight month period, with the exhibition and engagement team at Tŷ Pawb to develop their project for the gallery and the billboards. This includes liaising with technical and curatorial staff who will support the artist in every way possible in delivering their vision. Given the varied nature of artist proposals, it’s important to state that a level of ‘project management’ may be a necessary expectation of the artist if their project requires it. Such extra project management and/or assistance could be sought from a third party and paid for using the £10,000 budget upon agreement with Tŷ Pawb.

How to Apply

To submit a proposal for the Wal Pawb commission, please send an email to with ‘Wal Pawb 2020’ as the subject and with the following documents attached:

●     A PDF portfolio of up to 6 relevant previous works (with no more than 4 images of each work). Weblinks to online portfolio/videos will also be accepted.

●     CV – no more than two sides

●     A written proposal of no more than 1000 words, including a detailed engagement strategy, exhibition concept, billboard ideas and a provisional timeline.

●     Up to 5 indicative images/videos relating to your proposed work –sketches, research images, etc can be included in this proposal. (videos must be in the form of a weblink and password protected where appropriate).

●     A budget breakdown (including a minimum ten days on site engagement and one day on site for a launch event) - billboard printing and installation costs are not to be included here.

Deadline for submissions is 9am 20th August 2019, with interviews scheduled to take place during the week commencing 26th August. Interviews can take place in person at Tŷ Pawb or via online video call. An interview panel will be made up of Tŷ Pawb staff members alongside Kevin Hunt, our current Wal Pawb artist. Unfortunately we are unable to offer contribution to travel for the interview, but it is important to state that the medium of interview will have no effect on your application.

Tŷ Pawb and Wal Pawb are funded by Arts Council of Wales, The National Lottery, Welsh Government and Wrexham County Borough Council.