Local businesses and Wrexham Council’s Play team have been featured in a major new exhibition, organised with Tŷ Pawb for this summer’s Manchester International Exhibition.

Twenty five market traders from Tŷ Pawb’s market and food court have products on show at Economics the Blockbuster: It’s not Business as Usual, a ground-breaking exhibition that explores economics through contemporary art to find new ways of shaping a fairer world.

The exhibition is taking place at the Whitworth, a former winner of Art Fund’s Museum of the Year, located in the heart of Manchester city centre.

Examples of each traders’ wares is presented on specially constructed shelving inside Tŷ Pawb’s installation at the Whitworth. Visitors are be able to contact the traders directly, inside the Whitworth’s shop or sample some of the services during events at the Whitworth during the summer.

During the course of the show playworkers local to Wrexham will be invited to host ‘playdays’ at the Whitworth as part of their playtime programme.

This is to the collaboration between the two galleries, and to recognise Wales’ world leading Play Sufficiency Duty important policy to engage play as key part of young people’s lives.


An exhibition highlighting the ‘uniqueness’ of Tŷ Pawb

The invitation from the exhibition organisers to Tŷ Pawb was to highlight the uniqueness of it as a combined centre of playspace, market, art gallery, food hall and garden.

In a new film commissioned for the exhibition playworker Jay highlights that “Tŷ Pawb is a place for parents and children, for sellers and consumers, for relaxing and working”.

Lead Member with responsibility for Tŷ Pawb, Cllr Hugh Jones, said: “To see our local businesses and playworkers celebrated at such a prestigious festival, set to be seen by of thousands of visitors over the summer, really is a landmark moment for Tŷ Pawb and a stunning showcase for Wrexham’s markets and playwork heritage.

“Tŷ Pawb’s ethos of bringing arts, markets and communities together in one footprint, continues to receive huge national interest as an inspiring and pioneering model for a cultural venue. This exhibition is a further example of the high profile of Tŷ Pawb both nationally and internationally and is a tribute to all involved in Tŷ Pawb and a boost to all our partners.”

“The connections we’ve made are already bringing new opportunities”

Tŷ Pawb trader, Simon Morris (The Personal Present People), said: “What an amazing few days! Having items of ours displayed in the world renowned Whitworth gallery, to walk past LS Lowry and Lucian Freud’s works to get to the gallery where they are displaying our stuff is frankly surreal. It’s been such a good experience, the Whitworth staff are superb, supportive, thoughtful people, the whole experience has made me realise what a unique place other people see Tŷ Pawb as. The connections we have made are already bringing new opportunities and I have the feeling that’s just the beginning.”

Poppy Bowers, Acting Head of Exhibitions, the Whitworth said: “To collaborate with Tŷ Pawb on this exhibition has been an inspiring experience for two galleries exploring how art can be useful. It has been full of warmth, humour and generosity. We are excited for Manchester audiences to experience the products available from Tŷ Pawb as well as new methods for play, artfulness and doing business.”

Discover more about the exhibition here