Introducing “NAU, NAU, DOH, CHAAR”: A Retrospective by Multidisciplinary Artist Liaqat Rasul

We are thrilled to invite you to embark on a captivating journey into the world of “NAU, NAU, DOH, CHAAR,” (Urdu for 9924), a retrospective exhibition at Tŷ Pawb Art Gallery.

This extraordinary showcase celebrates the remarkable artistic evolution of Liaqat Rasul, a multidisciplinary artist, and marks a significant milestone in his career.

The Tŷ Pawb exhibition serves as a homecoming for Rasul, as it reconnects him with his roots and early experiences. Rasul’s upbringing was deeply intertwined with the world of market trading and this heritage played a pivotal role in shaping his life and career.


Learning the trade at Wrexham’s markets

At the incredibly young age of 11, Rasul was already involved in the family business, taking on the role of ‘window dresser’ at the Beast Market, Vegetable Market and Butchers Market. This early exposure to the market environment not only provided him with practical skills but also instilled a profound understanding of the market’s dynamics, the art of presentation, and the significance of commerce in the community.

For Rasul, his journey from a young ‘window dresser’ to becoming an artist exhibited at Ty Pawb exhibition is a testament to the enduring influence of his family’s trade and his personal growth as an artist. The exhibition provides him with a unique opportunity to pay homage to his roots while showcasing the evolution of his artistic expression. It is a poignant reflection of how one’s upbringing and early experiences can leave an indelible mark on their identity and creative journey.

Tracing an artistic journey

This momentous exhibition is particularly special as it marks Rasul’s first solo institutional showcase in his hometown. It serves as a unifying thread that weaves together a lifetime of boundless creativity, ingenuity, and adaptability.

The exhibition derives its name from the year 1999 when Rasul transformed his fashion label, Ghulam Sakina, into a limited company. It meticulously traces the trajectory of his artistic journey, from his roots as a visionary fashion designer to the instantly recognisable and impactful work that defines him today. This title, “NAU, NAU, DOH, CHAAR,” and the exhibition as a whole, symbolise the culmination of years of dedicated effort and represent a significant milestone in the artist’s career.

“NAU, NAU, DOH, CHAAR” at Tŷ Pawb not only showcases Liaqat’s artistic practice but also offers a glimpse into the diverse influences that fuel his creative spirit. The artist draws inspiration from various cultures he has encountered, with a particular fascination for South Asian textiles, which inspire a vivid tapestry of colours and narratives in his work. His stories often delve into topics of courage, emotion, and boldness, advocating for open discussions on mental health as a constructive aspect of our lives. His message encourages us all to be aware, show kindness to one another, and prioritise self-care.

‘A transformative and thought-provoking experience’

This remarkable exhibition has been curated by independent curator, Lewis Dalton Gilbert who was invited to collaborate with Tŷ Pawb by the artist himself. It promises to be a transformative and thought-provoking experience, inviting you to explore the unique and inspiring world of Liaqat Rasul’s artistry.

Lead Member with responsibility for Tŷ Pawb, Cllr Hugh Jones, said: “We are delighted to be hosting Liaqat Rasul’s first solo exhibition in his hometown. Tŷ Pawb always strives to showcase artists and creative talents with a Wrexham connection alongside national and international exhibitions so it’s an honour for us to be able to share the story of Rasul’s remarkable career through this inspiring and wide-reaching exhibition.”

NAU, NAU, DOH, CHAAR will open at Tŷ Pawb from 6th July 2024 -2nd November 2024.

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