Hidden Worlds in Wales

My camera is my second eye and the ‘Water Lens’ my third. I use them both to find and record what I believe are hidden treasures in Wales. For example, the beautiful and natural ice formations I photographed in the ‘Ice Dance’ project that I found in frozen bogs, rivers, and banks, in the Ysbyty Ifan region of Wales. They were all ephemeral, now melted and gone. I wanted to capture these extraordinary natural treasures. The project was exhibited widely in the UK and supported by Arts Council Wales.

As a result of my fascination of how water distorted objects, I received a grant from Arts Council Wales to research and develop a water lens. This water lens is here today with some prints to show how its magic enlarges and distorts normal objects and flat images.

‘Bricked in Seasons’ is a new project. I found in the hidden world of lichen, moss and mold amidst Ruabon Bricks. The ‘Bricked in Seasons’ images developed from that hidden world, the dark and light colours marking nature’s changing seasons.

Wrexham Treasures

This ‘Wrexham Treasures’ project is your chance to look for your hidden treasures. Objects that mean a lot to you. Maybe something to do with your family or home that you will be able to share with Wrexham people in an exhibition. Dr Karen Heald, head of photography at Glyndwr University, and myself will select certain treasures and transform them into amazing images. For example, the dresser in your kitchen could contain a huge amount of family treasure, and even tiny objects or works of art, clothes, shoes, or rare objects, we can photograph, to make an amazing exhibition.

Application forms from here are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We will be visiting Community Centres in your area before Christmas 2023.

Contact Rona Campbell: 07758617660